Take away prices

Hot drinks:


Tea:                                      Takeaway

Breakfast                                 £1.70 

Earl grey                                     £1.80   

Lemon and ginger                 £1.80

Camomile                               £1.85

Sencha green                         £1.85

Peppermint                            £1.85

Red berries                             £1.85

Decaf                                       £1.85



Coffee:                               regular/large

Americano                        £1.80/£2.35

Latte                                  £1.95/£2.45

Cappuccino                      £1.95/£2.45

Flat white                         £2.55

Mocha                              £2.05/£2.55

Espresso                           £1.65/£1.85

Hot chocolate                 £2.00/£2.50

Extra shot                              35p  

Syrup: vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, cinnamon   35p


Cold drinks:

Cans:                          £1.25

Coke, diet coke, irn bru, diet irn bru, 7up, fanta,

San pelegrino:          £1.65

Blood orange, Orange, Limonata

Bottled water:          £1.00

Still, sparkling

Flavoured water:      £1.25

Orange, mixed berries.



Meal deals:


Morning deal– hot roll with sausage or bacon and medium hot drink     £3.50


Pasta deal- any pasta, garlic bread and can of juice                                 £6.70


Soup deal 1- any medium soup and plain or filled croissant                  £3.45


Pizza deal 1- any pizza, garlic bread and can                                           £5.70


Pizza deal 2- any pizza and medium soup                                                £5.20


Soup deal 2 any ciabatta and medium soup                                           £5.40


Soup deal 3- any piadda and medium soup                                             £6.00




Small £2.30/ large £3.00


Soup of the day




Tomato and Basil (vg)                  £4.50

Green pesto (vg)                            £4.45

Arrabiata (vg)                                 £4.85

Chicken and Italian sausage       £4.95

Bolognese                                      £4.95

Spicy meatball                               £4.95

King prawn                                     £6.50

(all with penne pasta)


add chicken + 1.50


Change pasta to:

Spinach and ricotta tortellini  + 50p

Gnocchi + 50p

Gluten free + 50p


Garlic Bread £1.20


Piaddas:     £4.30

Paneer; paneer cheese, mixed peppers, piri piri tomato sauce (vg)

Sweet chilli; Chicken, mixed peppers spinach, sweet chilli sauce

Meatball;  meatballs, marinara sauce and cheese



Ciabattas:    £4.00

Mozzarella melt; Mozzarella, green pesto, tomato (vg)

Haloumi melt; haloumi, red pesto, mixed peppers (vg)

Buffalo chicken; chicken, peppers, red onion, mozzarella, buffalo hot sauce

Chicken Pesto; chicken, green pesto, tomato

Meatball melt; meatballs, marinara sauce, cheese

Italian meats; salami, mortadella, smoked cheese, mayo.

BBQ pulled pork; pulled pork, cheese, red onion

BBQ chicken melt; chicken, bbq sauce, cheese, red onion



Paninis: £4.00

Haggis melt; haggis red onion, cheese

Ham melt; sliced ham, cheese, tomato and chilli chutney

Sweet chilli chicken; chicken, sweet chilli sauce, mayo, red onion cheese



Summer salad box

avocado and mozzarella              £4.80

tuna mayo                                       £4.80

honey and mustard chicken        £ 4.80

prawn marie rose                          £5.50




Margarita                                £3.95

Roasted vegetable                £4.00

Pepperoni                               £4.20

Spicy chicken                         £4.20

Haggis and onion                  £4.20

Meatball and onion               £4.20


Breakfast items:

Hot rolls:     £1.80





Plain                                       £1.50

Cheese                                  £1.70

Ham and cheese                 £1.90

Pepperoni and cheese       £1.90



Scone                                     £1.30

Millionaire shortbread         £1.50

Malteaser slice                     £1.75

Mars crispy cake                  £1.75

Giant empire biscuit            £1.30